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WATCH: Parents arrested after being filmed playing roughly with their baby

The Russian parents of a baby who is only a few months old were arrested after a video was shared on social media which showed them swinging their baby and playing very roughly with her.

The couple were on a holiday in Malaysia, Kuala Lampur when they were caught on film dangerously swinging the child and throwing her high up in the air.

The young parents were arrested over fears they might hurt the baby.

Many on social media expressed their anger at the parents’ behaviour describing them as irresponsible and of putting their daughter’s life in danger.  Luckily, the child was not hurt.

It appears that this was not an isolated case, because some believe that this type of playing around and exercise helps the child to develop faster and better.

Various sources are also reporting that although they were on vacation, the parents were begging and giving “shows” with their baby in order to support themselves.