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WATCH: People gather in Mosta to pay tribute to Dan Udrea

A week after the freak accident which took the life of Dan Udrea, and which shocked the country, there has been a tribute to his memory at the Mosta church.

Mr Udrea died when a tree fell on his car while he was driving on Notable Road, Imriehel. He and his wife were going to work and had just dropped off their two young children at their grandmother’s house.

The accident was unfortunate because, according to his colleagues, the couple does not usually pass from that road, because from Mosta they usually drive towards Attard to the Imrieħel bypass and then to the industrial zone.  It is believed that before going to work, Dan may have stopped to fill his car up with petrol from the petrol station.

Dan Udrea was very loved especially by his colleagues who described him as an impeccable friend and a ‘rock’ for the company.

Although he will be buried in his native country, Romania, his friends and colleagues in Malta still wished to pay their final respects to him here.

Mr Udrea’s funeral will take place in Romania after costs to pay for his funeral were collected within a few hours. Air Malta covered the expenses to fly his body back to his country.

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