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Watch: Pet owner recounts his love and daily care of bitch with walking wheels

A solution was found to a bitch which suffered leg injuries and cannot move two of them, in order to continue enjoying what it loves most….an outing in Senglea streets. Victor Zarb takes his dog out at least six times daily. He can continue doing this because he bought his pet walking wheels.

“Everyone loves her here…..because she is a quiet bitch.”

Weezy is a mixed pitbull breed, which was born on Christmas and is now aged 10. Victor, her 69-year old pensioner-owner, told TVM that he doesn’t live without her. “After my children and family, it is the most dear thing I have”.

Zarb recounted that some two years ago he took the bitch out in the evening and she was injured on the street. “The road was being resurfaced with tarmac….she slipped on a stone and fell on her side. I took the bitch home because she couldn’t walk”.

Weezy could only move through walking wheels. “Now she got used to it and enjoys walking with it. She is courageous. When it rains, she also wants to go out”.

Victor Zarb says he looks after Weezy 24 hours a day. “I spent a lot of money…she eats special food for her toilet needs as she needs assistance. She suffers many urinary tract infections…”

He feels hurt when someone tells him that he should have put her down. “When they grow up, they get sick and you have to cure them….I feel sorry for those who put their pets down. Unless she is in pain, why should I”.