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WATCH: Plane removed and Ħal Farruġ road re-opened

The Ħal Farruġ road has been re-opened to traffic after the private plane which was blocking the road was removed at around 11pm last night.  The plane, which was carried away by the gale force winds on Wednesday evening, was dragged across the street and crashed into the wall of a privately-owned building which is used to store bricks.

The plane, whose nose was extensively damaged in the incident, was taken to a hanger on the outskirts of the airport for maintenance, while this morning employees were seen fixing the fence which was ripped apart by the plane. At the same time, the hole in the wall of the building was also being covered with bricks.

The main investigator for the Maltese Bureau of Investigations into Aviation Accidents, Frank Zammit told that the accident may have had much worse consequences as one of the airplane’s wings narrowly missed a room which serves as the electrical distribution centre for the airport.

Watch the footage of where the accident took place in’Ħal Farruġ here

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