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WATCH: Plumber and pensioner train in Christmas sweets

Christmas time is characterised by an abundance of food and Christmas sweets most of them are now found in the Maltese kitchen.

Chef and confectioner Renato Briffa, who teaches at the Institute of Tourism Studies, told TVM that most of the Christmas sweets originated from other countries and were added to Maltese traditional sweets.

“These include Qaghaq tal-qastanija (ring-cakes mixed with flavoured spices) and souffle’, together with custard sponges with sweet ricotta, mince pies, imbuljuta and drinking chocolate”.

Plumber Paul Bonello and Charles Galea, a pensioner, have attended a course in Christmas sweets to further their skills in the art of Christmas sweets.

This was a two-day course at ITS during which students were trained on a variety of Christmas sweets.

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