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WATCH: PM, Speaker on yesterday’s chaos in front of Parliament

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has expressed his belief that criticism should always be given in a calm manner and without provocation.

He was referring to what happened last night in front of Parliament when two police officers were injured and a Ministerial car was vandalised.

The PM this morning said that these were the actions of a few people who drew the ire even of those who agree with their reasons for protesting.

Speaking about Minister Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri, the PM said that the procedures are still going and he was waiting for the findings before taking a decision.

Listen below to the comments which Dr Muscat gave to the media in Gozo during the inauguration of Barts medical school.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House,  Anġlu Farrugia, in a statement noted with regret the “far from peaceful incidents which occurred yesterday in front of the Parliament building,” where Members of the House were hindered and insulted when they were leaving Parliament.

Dr Farrugia added that steps should be taken against those persons who exceeded limits and manifestly broke the law, including with violence and voluntary damage in regard to the people’s representatives.

Dr Farrugia added that “this irresponsible behaviour can also be considered as constituting a crime against the House of Representatives Privileges and Powers Ordinance.”

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