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WATCH: PM speaks about Covid-19, public inquiries and whether a reshuffle is planned

Prime Minister Robert Abela today spoke about Covid-19, public inquiries, and about whether a reshuffle will take place. The Prime Minister was replying to journalists’ questions during the inauguration of the Santa Luċija tunnels.

On Covid-19, the Prime Minister stated that figures about the effectiveness of masks are encouraging, adding that the Government is acting on the advice of the public health authorities.

In regard to the public inquiry, Dr Abela stated that a public inquiry is carried out by retired judges, and will be sending a message that the institutions are not functioning. The Prime Minister added it was for this reason that Government had strengthened the institutions, and he had confidence in them.

Questioned about a reshuffle, Dr Abela replied that this is the Prime Minister’s prerogative, and he will be acting in the best interests of the country.

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