WATCH: Police in California issue video on killing of unarmed youth in June case

Controversy in the United States on the excessive use of force by the police escalated after a video was transmitted in the past hours showing two police officer shoot and kill a white man. It resulted the man was unarmed.

Dylan Noble was killed on the 25th of last June during a police patrol in Fresno, California. The 19-year old victim was killed by two police officers who were not identified.

Fresno Police chief, Jerry Dyer said that the video was transmitted after public pressure on the incident.

The video shows Noble exiting his vehicle during a police patrol and ignoring instructions by the police. Dyer said that one of the officers told investigators that Noble provoked him and they thought he was going to produce a firearm. However, it emerged later on that he was unarmed. One of the officers twice shot the teenager who fell to the ground. He fired another shot when Noble was trying to put his hand under his shirt.

Dyer said the authorities have yet to establish if the last two shots were unnecessary as the victim was already on the ground.