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WATCH: Police investigating a case of a man who was allegedly left on pavement after construction site fall

The Police is investigating a case of a man who was allegedly left in pain on the ground after he fell at a construction site in Mellieħa.

The Police were called to assist in Triq Selmun at around 12pm following a report that there was an injured person on a pavement.

Mellieħa police community officers were the first to arrive on site, where they found a foreign man lying on the ground. They called for assistance by a medical team while an ambulance took the injured worker to Mater Dei hospital.

Meanwhile, it was pointed out on a Facebook page, that the man fell from a two-storey height at a construction site while his boss allegedly told him that he will take him to hospital. However, he put him in the street. It was also alleged that the man was likely working without a permit and his boss wanted to avoid trouble.

In a published video footage, the man is heard complaining of pain, and saying he does not want to die or go to prison. At that time, Police officers and a medical team assured him of their assistance and kept him calm.

Meanwhile, the Employers’ Association condemned in a statement this case, saying that such abusive actions are not acceptable in a civilised society. The association appealed to Police to investigate and establish the facts so that whoever is responsible is brought to justice.

PM and Opposition Leader condemn the incident

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Robert Abela condemned the alleged incident at Mellieħa and said that if the allegations are true the whole affair is totally unacceptable.

He said the Police are already investigating the case and that such an alleged situation will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The PM said that every resident in the country will receive protection from the country’s institutes.

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said he remains shocked like thousands of others when he saw pictures of a man cast aside after suffering an incident at work.

He said every person has a value that exceeds any price of the work he performs.

Dr Grech said that to make money there is no need to lose a sense of humanity and he expressed solidarity with the victim and others who find themselves in a vice of work that is of precarious risk to their health.