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WATCH: Police start doing the rounds at daybreak to disperse groups of people

At daybreak, various Police units began doing the rounds in every part of Malta and Gozo to enforce the new legal notice which prohibits groups of more than 3 people from gathering in public places. If the Police find four or more people gathered together, they will be fined €100 each.

The exceptions are the queues at bus stops and for essential services such as banks  and people from the same household. However, the legal notice makes it clear that social distancing of two metres apart between one person and the other still applies.

Over the last few days before the legal notice came into effect, the Police received various reports that there were various abuses at Armier. This morning, the Community Police were busy doing the rounds to make sure no one was breaking the law.

Sgt Rodienne Bartolo Haidon explained that the Community Police now have new routes to carry out their rounds at Armier. She explained that the Police will act on reports received by the public including those areas which are frequented by the public such as Valletta, Marsa and Marsascala.

“We receive reports about people who are supposed to be in quarantine, establishments which are open when they are not supposed to be, people on bus stops gathered in a huddle. But apart from that we are going on the spot as prevention, rather than getting there before,” expelling Sgt Bartolo Haidon.

The rounds are also being carried out in rural areas which are very popular for picnics.

Another popular public area is at L-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa. Here the Police from the Cavalry division are doing the rounds to check whether people are breaking the law.

Rounds are also being carried out on the promenade which goes from Sliema to St Julian’s.  Assistant Commissioner Alexandra Mamo said that the District Police are working hand in hand with the Police from the Police Dog unit who are doing the rounds of commercial and residential areas.

“Our primary intention is to educate. We want people to obey not because there is a legal notice and fines but for their own health and that of the entire nation,”  said Asst Commissioner Alexandra Mamo.

She added that every evening the Police are doing their rounds in Paceville.  “They are on foot patrol to ensure the shops are closed and I can assure you that the shops are obeying the directives.”

Meanwhile, the Police are still carrying on with their inspections of people who are not following the quarantine order. The public is urged to phone the Police on 22944502/4 to report abuses.

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