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WATCH: Portrait of Our Lady made specifically to be ‘read’ by those who are visually impaired

Every year the miraculous image of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu attracts thousands of devoted followers, however people who are visually impaired were never able to appreciate the characteristics of this painting which it is said Our Lady herself spoke from in 1883.

On Sunday – three days before the Day of People with a Disability –  the Apostolic Administrator for Gozo, Mons Mario Grech blessed a replica of the painting which was made specifically out of resin by the Institute for the Blind in Bologna so that it can be ‘read’ by people who are visually impaired.

“This will not only help those who are visually impaired but it is also helpful for us who think we can see,  because when I saw them discovering the image of Mary for the first time, I felt very emotional because I too am like them in front of God’s mystery.”

The Rector of the ta’ Pinu Sanctuary, Dun Gerard Buhagiar said that the initiative was born a few years ago during a visit by someone who is visually impaired.

“He came to pray and said that he often comes here and could I tell him what the portrait looks like, and what the painting of Our Lady of Ta’ Penu represents. So I stood near him and described it to him in detail.”

The replica was placed in front of the Kappella tas-Sejħa and next to it was placed the prayer to Our Lady of ta’ Pinu written in Braille in three languages: Maltese,  English and Italian.

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