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WATCH: Prays to God to relieve him of visual rare condition

The Malta Trust Foundation is assisting Maltese children with a specialized equipment that helps visually impaired children and those with autism to study and communicated better. The foundation is appealing to the public to help it raise funds for this aim.

Jake is aged eight and was born with a condition which affected his vision. He says that he is sad that he cannot see properly and prays to God to relieve him of this rare condition.  Jake looks forward to two careers when he grows up: becoming a polceman or a pilot.

There is a chance that if he is a pilot, he wouldn’t see airplaines, however he says that, with his glasses, he can pilot a plane better and hopes that his condition will be successfully treated when he grows up.

Jake uses an equipment which serves him as a lense – he sees bigger letters and small things, which he can see better.

Jake’s mother, Joanne, said that this equipment has assisted her son to read much better and expressed her appreciation to the Malta Trust Foundation, presided by President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, whic donated the equipment. li tagħatha dan it-tagħmir.

The public may assist the Malta Trust Foundation to purchase such equipment for visually impaired children or those on the spectre of autism. A fund-raising marathon will be organised today, from mid-day till midnight, and transmitted on all local stations including on TVM2 at certain times.