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Watch preparations for Malta’s Expo participation – an attraction for 25 million visitors

Malta will be a centre of attraction for 25 million people who are expected to visit the Dubai Expo in the United Arab Emirates next October. The Expo is the largest world fair which is organised for six months as a showcase for the 190 participating countries, including Malta.

The Maltese pavilion organisers told TVM that the design of the Malta pavilion in the Dubai Expo will promote sustainability and a vision for the future. The Malta pavilion is expected to be mounted in the coming weeks to promote to the whole world what Malta has to offer.

Expo 2020 is being described as the most ambitious project that Dubai ever organised. A TVM crew visited the Malta pavilion, which will be furnished in less than four months’ time.

The deputy General Commissioner responsible for the Expo, Antoinette Catania, said that the pavilion will be housed on two storeys, with the lower floor displaying a Maltese exhibition and the upper part will be used for some meetings to be held during the six months of the fair.

“We have the area where you have Malta’s location, the history of Malta and obviously, the tourism aspect. We also have the business stand and end with the lifestyle – how we Maltese spend our lives where culture connects everything”.

Ms Catania stated that apart from technical work on the pavilion, the Maltese contingent is working with other countries on collaboration even on business during the fair’s months of operation. This will provide more strength and visibility to our country.

Jesse Ng, vice-president for Strategy and Enlargement of Pico International – the company commissioned to work on the pavilion – told TVM that together with Malta’s pavilion, she is working on others of bigger countries. She remarked, however. that work on the Maltese pavilion taught her many things and was inspirational.

“Working with a country such as Malta, we have learned so much in terms of the archipelago, and the country’s development, and the planning of the future vision and mission of the country has been such an inspiration to us all and it’s an honour to work with Malta.”

Ms Ng added that the company considered that the way forward for the design of Malta’s pavilion should be the promotion of sustainability and a vision for the future. These are two factors which characterize the work on the Maltese pavilion before in the coming weeks, it is mounted and starts promoting everything that Malta has to offer to the world.