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Watch: Prime Minister addresses first cabinet meeting at Castille

Measures for strengthening governance were on the agenda of Prime Minister Robert Abela’s first cabinet meeting at Castille, which was followed by a meeting of the Labour Parliamentary group, which approved the appointment of Glenn Bedingfield as government whip instead Byron Camilleri, who has been promoted to Minister. At the end of the meeting of the Parliamentary Group, two former cabinet members told TVM they would still remain active in government and politics.

The day after choosing his new cabinet, Prime Minister Robert Abela held his first meeting with Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries, during which they discussed the government’s priorities for the remaining term. At the end of the first cabinet meeting, Dr Abela said that the new team had begun working to fulfill the government’s objectives, which he said, had started to be felt, even abroad.

“Firstly, we have to implement stability as soon as possible. I believe that the first signs we have sent, even through the new cabinet appointments and the composition of individual ministries and secretariats has already sent out a positive message, even abroad, as I have had occasion to notice on foreign media reports. Of course, it is not enough, and a lot remains to be done. We are going to keep up the pace but I have already seen courage and enthusiasm in cabinet, which has given me the strength and courage to keep going with our work.” Prime Minister Abela said.

The cabinet meeting, which began at ten in the morning, was followed by a meeting with the Labour parliamentary Group which approved the appointment of the Prime Minister for Glenn Bedingfield who will serve as the government whip in Parliament when Parliament reconvenes on Monday.

“It will be a new experience and a challenge which I will approach with the same commitment, enthusiasm and determination – it won’t be easy. Previous whips all did a good job – I hope I live up to their standard. ” said Mr Bedingfield.

Anthony Agius Decelis and Joe Mizzi, two MPs who have not been reappointed in the new cabinet, were present at the meeting of the parliamentary group. MP Agius Decelis, formerly Parliamentary Secretary for the Disabled and Active Ageing, said he will remain involved in the work of the Government.

“The Prime Minister has several projects where he wishes me to give my input, and I will be working side by side with the Prime Minister to deliver an election manifesto and to work on various other projects,” Anthony Agius Decelis said.

MP Joe Mizzi, formerly Minister of Energy and Water Management, said that he respected the Prime Minister’s decision and would continue to work in Parliament in the best interest of the people. “As an MP I will continue do my duty to the Constitution and to my countries as I also intend doing during the upcoming election, as long as I am healthy I will do my bit and contribute.”

Before the cabinet meeting began cabinet, Primary school students from San Sebastian , Qormi, met with Prime Minister Abela who invited them to come with him to work for him to explain how cabinet functions.

Listen to what the children had to say about this special meeting:

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