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WATCH: Protests and chaos in US after killing of George Floyd

The city of Minneapolis in the US has gone into its second day of protests and chaos, which has also resulted in a fatality. The protests started after a Police officer was filmed kneeling on the neck of a man who had been arrested and was lying on the ground, and who died as a result.

Two days ago the Police arrested George Floyd, who had not been armed, on suspicion that he was using false documentation in order to pay for food purchases.

A video clip shot by a passer-by showed George Floyd saying he would obey the Police and get into the car. Floyd is heard saying more than once that he was unable to breathe and was hurting until he lapsed into unconsciousness minutes later.

People who surrounded them tried to intervene and get the officer to stop kneeling on Floyd, but the officer remained kneeling on Floyd’s neck until paramedics turned up. The paramedics were not seen to render first assistance after checking for breathing, and it is being said Floyd was probably already dead.

The four officers involved in the incident have already been dismissed, and city mayor Jacob Frey is demanding criminal action against the officer who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck.

Protests against this killing with a racial twist have grown and resulted in vandalism and chaos, with hundreds of demonstrators fighting with the Police and damaging and stealing from shops.

It was also reported that one person has died from a firearm shot during the riots. It has been stated the Police found the man injured on the pavement, but details of this shooting are unclear.

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