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Watch: PS Simon Schembri drives a motor-cycle for the first time after incident

Police Sergeant Simon Schembri, a motorcycle aficionado, had to abandon the hobby closest to his heart after losing an arm after an attempt was made on his life by youngster Liam Debono.

As a show of appreciation for the courage and determination shown in his ongoing work thanks to the Good Causes Fund, the Minister for Finance welcomed the request for Sergeant Schembri to be given a specially modified motorbike for him to be able to drive.

He was also presented with an important gadget which would help him to control and drive the motorcycle.

Visibly emotional, Simon Schembri thanked all those who supported him in the past and present.

On 15 May 2018, Schembri suffered a 66% disability after he was run over by Liam Debono.

Minister Michael Farrugia attended the ceremony.

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