WATCH: Publicity or insult? American presenter jokes about Malta

Malta cropped up in an American television programme when one of the contestants, athlete Jenise Spiteri, revealed she was Maltese.

Appearing on CBS programme Let’s Make a Deal, Jenise Spiteri said she is a professional snow boarder, and intends to compete in the Olympics representing Malta. At this moment, presenter Wayne Brady started making jokes about Malta’s small size, assisted by broadcaster Jonathan Magnum.

Following the publicity interval, Brady stated that he will play the Maltese anthem and requested the audience to stand up and he started to sing “Malta teeny tiny land”, while placing his hand on his forehead in what he described as the way that the Maltese salute each other.

While some appreciated the prominence that Malta received during the programme, during which one of the contestants also won a trip to Malta, others felt offended and in comments under the video they uploaded Malta’s national anthem, saying that the presenter should have researched Malta better.

Let's Make A Deal

By the end of today's show, Wayne became the king of Malta!? Let's Make a Deal is now officially Malta's most popular game show.

Gepostet von Let's Make A Deal am Freitag, 20. Dezember 2019