WATCH: Put your camera on when necessary to avoid risks when making contact virtually

Over the last few extraordinary months, whether we love it or hate it, we all needed to rely on technology. It was crucial, among other reasons, for many elderly people not to be completely isolated from their loved ones at the height of the pandemic.

Despite the number of benefits which technology brings with it, one still needs to be very careful on how to use it. Among other things, the use of video conferencing is not always plain sailing.

A video produced by Cyber Security Malta within the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), has drawn the public’s attention to the fact that during online phone calls, criminals can still carry out cyber attacks. It stated that someone can manage to listen in to the phone call with the hope of eliciting all sorts of information to their own advantage.

Among other things, Cyber Security Malta advises people to use a password so that non-authorised people cannot enter into the conversation unexpectedly.

It is also worth nothing that when one phones online one should switch on the camera to ensure that they know whom they are speaking with. It is also important for the software being used to be updated with the latest security technology, especially when sensitive information is being discussed.