Watch: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip dwelling rooms in Malta

During today’s second episode of the cultural documentary ‘Il-Muxrafija’ the program will delve further into Villa Guardamangia in Tal-Pietà. The only property outside Britain that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip used to call their home.

Within this background, the program will provide a clear picture of the life of the Royal Couple in Malta in the beginning of their marriage and also how the same villa ended up as a Government property.

Today’s ‘Il-Muxrafija’ edition will also visit Ħal Għaxaq to feature the ‘Dar tal-Bebbux’ as the documentary will provide details on how over 100 years ago Indrì Dimech decorated his home’s facade with scallop and other sea shells of different species.

‘Il-Muxrafija’ is transmitted today at 5.30pm on TVM.