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WATCH: Restoration of Crucifix and painting that represent a three-dimensional Golgotha scene

320 years ago, Siġġiewi parishioners commissioned two artworks, a crucifix and a painting which together represent the Golgotha scene in three dimensions. The artwork was carried out in Rome.

The crucifix and the painting at the St Nicholas Church in Siġġiewi are currently being restored with the collaboration of Bank of Valletta.

The restoration work is being directed by restorer Agatha Grima and is being carried out in various stages following scientific research. She said that the relationship between the crucifix with the background of the painting had clearly emerged during the restoration process.

Siġġiewi Archpriest Fr Joseph Mifsud said that the painting and the crucifix indicate the strong sense of sacrifice that the Siġġiewi residents experienced and, despite the poverty of the time, they raised enough funds for the Rome artwork, possibly under the direction of Lorenzo Gafa’. The painting is attributed to artist Michelangelo Marulli, while the crucifix is the work of Giovanni Battista Vanelli.

The restoration work is financially assisted through Bank of Valletta after the ‘Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Siġġiewi’ identified the crucifix and the painting, which together represent the Golgotha scene, for the renovation process.

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