WATCH: Sanremo winner sends greetings to Malta, manages to bring together tens of thousands of Italians who are quarantined

A stone’s throw away from our island, in Sanremo, Italy, the genuine smile and melodic voice of the singer Diodato charmed the Italian public when he managed to win this year’s San Remo with the song ‘Fai Rumore’.

The song urges everyone to emerge from their shells and not be afraid to speak up when necessary. Diodato points out that, ultimately, people are created to talk to one other.

Just like Destiny could not wait to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest, Diodato was eagerly looking forward to this week, in order to entertain millions of fans around the world with his voice. However, unluckily, the reality is completely different.

Although this year’s Eurovision has been cancelled, the lyrics of Diodato’s song have not fallen on deaf ears as over the last few days ‘Fai Rumore’ ended up being sung by tens of thousands of Italians from their homes. As these videos uploaded on social media shows, many Italians leaned out of their windows, went out on their balconies and choked the rooftops of their homes to sing a number of their favourite songs, especially the song which won San Remo this year, as can be seen from the video which the singer uploaded on his Instagram.

In comments he gave to, when asked about his reaction as he saw the first videos from the public, Diodato said that he has never been so emotional in his whole musical career, not even when he won San Remo.

He explained that even if Eurovision this year had to be skipped, the fact that many chose to use solidarity with one other through his song makes him feel as if he has won the lottery. He described it as a priceless, spontaneous gesture.

Asked whether he had ever been to the Maltese islands, Diodato said that he has never had the chance to visit our country. However, while sending his greetings to the Maltese people he said that once the airports re-open, Malta will be one of the first countries he plans to visit.

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