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WATCH: See the devastation left behind by the storms in Spain

The heavy rain pouring down in Valencia, Murcia and Alicante has caused complete devastation and has paralysed the lives of the residents.

The roads in some regions have been flooded and filled with mud with thousands of cars being swept away by the currents. The amount of rain which has come down has almost flooded the houses located near the rivers.

The water levels in Clariano went up by 9 metres within two hours around Aielo de Malferit, a city near Valencia and as a result the 16th century bridge has collapsed.

Trains have been suspended and roads have been closed as a precaution while the bad weather has torn up a number of trees and walls have collapsed.

An elderly couple died after their car was swept away by the currents while 13 people were rescued from their cars or roofs in Albacete.

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