Watch: Several migrants arrested in Ħamrun operation

The Police carried out a number of arrests in Hamrun, when migrants began jumping from the rooftops of a number of residences.

Police from the immigration section assisted by the Valletta and Hamrun Districts, and police from the Rapid Intervention Unit, were acting on a report that there were irregular immigrants inside a residence in Kappillan Mifsud Street.

Police surrounded the building block on several streets – Villambrosa, Kanonku Bonnici, Monsignor Depiro and Kappillan Mifsud, and had to break into a number of houses and climb onto the roofs as residents complained that there were immigrants hiding inside their homes.

Three arrested immigrants were seen coming out from an apartment block. Another person was arrested when a resident called the Police after seeing a man inside his home.

Another man who was arrested had to be taken to Mater Dei hospital by ambulance after jumping from a height and ending up in a residential garden while trying to escape from the Police.

The arrested persons were taken to the lock up of the Police Headquarters for further investigation. Police are still investigating the case.