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WATCH: Shooting of Indian film ‘Bharat’ starts in Mdina

Bharat is the same of the Bollywood production which is being filmed in Malta at the moment. The shooting will last around two weeks and is taking place at different locations, including Mdina.

On Sunday morning, the square at the Mdina Cathedral woke up to tables, chairs and kiosks. The buildings had been changed into bars, with signs on every door as well as old vehicles and colourful clothes, taking you back in time.

Mdina’s main square is just one of the locations which has been chosen to film this Bollywood production.

The producer of Bahrat, Atul Agnihotri said that Malta forms part of the film’s story.

“In this section of the story he works in the merchant navy, he travels to Malta often, and the story develops that one of the characters meets a Maltese girl, falls in love, gets married. So we have been able to have a whole synergy not only in location but also culturally,” said Atul Agnihotri.

Among the main actors taking part in this production there are Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Disha Patani. Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said that the production of Bollywood films in Malta, will serve as tourism promotion in the Indian market as well.

“This is the second major Indian production in Malta at an investment of almost 5 million Euro. The nice thing about this production is that the theme of the film revolves around Malta. The Indian people will therefore learn about our country. There are great actors and around 200 Maltese people working on this film, along with 1,200 extras,” Minister Mizzi said.

Film Commissioner Johann Grech said that apart from Mdina, the production will be using places such as Valletta, Cospicua, and Boilers Wharf in Senglea. He added that right now there are discussions with various producers interested in basing their productions in Malta.

“Interest is very high from different countries, Australia, Hollywood, Europe and China.  Malta has a lot to offer, we have a good skill base, and we are able to have three films shooting here at the same time,” said Johann Grech.

Bharat is the second production from Bollywood being filmed in Malta this year  The film is expected to be released in a year’s time.

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