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WATCH: Business community, residents scared by wave of thefts – Fgura outlet owner

Shops in Fgura and the surrounding areas are reported to have been targeted in a wave of thefts.

The owner of an outlet in Zabbar Road, Fgura explained on TVAM how she had been targeted by the same burglar on two consecutive occasions.

A video clip shown during TVAM shows the burglar forcing open the door to the outlet, quickly hiding when a car approaches. The burglar managed to force the door open, gaining entry and committing the burglary.

The owner, Graziella Galdes, added that on both occasions the burglar hardly took anything, as she never leaves cash inside the shop. She explained that only the cash drawer was taken, adding that this only contained a small amount of cash. Other items in the shop were left untouched, and she feels the burglar is not ‘professional’ and is only doing this out of despair, probably to sustain his drug habit.

Galdes added that because of this situation, both business people and residents live in fear, and appealed for more Police protection, including more Police presence on the roads. It appears, furthermore, that even cars and residences are being targeted.

Graziella Galdes further stated that apart from Fgura, the burglars are also targeting Paola. TVM is also informed that Marsascala has also fallen victim to this wave of thefts.

You can follow the full TVAM interview with Graziella Galdes here. TVAM is broadcast daily between 7.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m., Mondays to Fridays.

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