Watch: Showboating their classic cars in Mdina

The Medieval town of Mdina served as a wonderful backdrop for the annual classic car racing event -the Mdina Grand Prix, while the ditch served as a showcase for cars with their owners showing off their classical and industrial heritage.

Vincent Tourneur has spent the last 40 years in a wheelchair after an accident. He said that having spent two years in a hospital bed in France, he found the courage and strength to enter the world of motor sport which he loves.

”I just want to give a message to anybody who had a great loss, if you have a good meaning and a good staff around you, you can break a lot of limits. Could you imagine, from a bed in a hospital to be in any major international race event. It’s possible, I did it.”

The driver is certified by the International Automobile Federation, FIA. At the end of this week he raced at the Mdina Grand Prix in a French Delahaye manufactured in the thirties.

Mr Tourneur was among about 60 people who participated in this classic car racing event around part of the valley between Mdina and Mtarfa.

This was the first time the doctor Mark Sant took part. He raced with a Lancia Beta Montecarlo that was manufactured in 1975.

‘These are cars with a history, whose value increases. They have character and enthusiasts like us treat them like living things. To be given an opportunity to come here and be one with your car, and drive, is a wonderful feeling and experience. ‘

The races attracted many car enthusiasts who gathered around the track, mostly in an area known as the Tomba near the Roman Domus, to be able to watch the event from a vantage point.

In the Mdina ditch, cars were deployed alongside each other, giving the public a good chance to inspect the cars while drivers were waiting for their turn to race.

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