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WATCH: Six puppies dumped in box in blistering heat

Six puppies, in miserable health conditions, were taken to the AAA Sanctuary after they were dumped in a box in blistering heat.

The puppies were found by two men who generously phoned for assistance to save the dogs from dying.

Six puppies has just been brought in to AAA Sanctuary. Two kind men found them abandoned in a box and called us for help. We did not even have volunteersto go, so they brought them over. Big well done to them. Special kind people. ❤The puppies are infested with fleas, and were nearly lifeless from the heat and dehydration. They are being given fluids and treatment right now.So many cruel people around. To the person who abandoned them in such manner, shame on you. You only needed to call and not only we would have taken the puppies but we would have offered to neuter and chip for free all other dogs you have.But you choose to nearly kill them by throwing them in a box in all this heat. Shame on you, you heartless monster. Disgusting human.Please support AAA Sanctuary, new dogs come in every day:Paypal:Info@aaamalta.comORSend an sms on:50617350 €2.33 50618060 €4.66 50618910 €6.99 50619200 €11.66 ORRevolut 79730921

Gepostet von Association for Abandoned Animals am Montag, 6. Juli 2020

Fortunately, the puppies were lucky as these two men took them to the sanctuary as no volunteers were able to pick them up.

The puppies are now in good hands and are being well treated.

The sanctuary appealed for assistance. Persons who wish to assist may send a donation on Paypal: [email protected] or send an SMS on;

50617350 €2.33

50618060 €4.66

50618910 €6.99

50619200 €11.66 or by revolut on number 79730921

The sanctuary also appealed to those who cannot care for their animals, to refrain from dumping them outside but to phone the sanctuary for assistance.

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