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Watch: Snatches and makes off with mobile phone

The owner of a shop in Mosta is appealing for information when this afternoon, a mobile phone was stolen by a man who fled the scene.

In a video, captured on CCTV, the man is seen entering the shop. Some time before, the same man had already been to the shop where he expressed a wish to buy an I phone saying that he would need to go and withdraw money from the ATM.

On returning, the salesman placed the iPhone on the counter. At the same time the man is seen making his way toward the front door, looking around and returning inside the shop whereupon he promptly seizes the iPhone from the counter and dashes out. Despite the shop owner’s efforts to chase him, these proved futile.

Anyone who has any information about this man should contact the police.

Gepostet von Keith Borg am Donnerstag, 22. August 2019

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