Watch: So happy on the set – last footage before she was killed by shot fired by Baldwin

Halyna Hutchins, the woman who lost her life on the set of a film in New Mexico after actor Alec Baldwin discharged a shot, was very promising in the cinema world. So much so that in 2019, her name was engraved in the annual US report “Rising Stars of Cinematography.”

The shooting of the film ‘Rust’, set in the 19th century, was a golden opportunity for Hutchins to continue to expand her career in cinematography. In recent days 42-year-old Hutchins posted a number of photographs on her social media showing her in New Mexico, where she was working hands-on. In her last post two days ago she looked happy riding a horse in her spare time. The scenery of the location enthralled her.

Also two days ago, she posted a photograph with the crew of ‘Rust’, with actor Alec Baldwin prominent at the centre.

In recent days, others who were also working with her behind the scenes, including Reid Russell, thanked Hutchins for believing in their skills and giving them the opportunity to show what they were worth in the ‘Western’. Russell thanked her publicly in a post on his Instagram profile.

Born in the Ukraine, Hutchins spent much of her time on a Soviet military base when still in the bloom of youth. She graduated in international journalism from Kyiv University, and left for Los Angeles. In the US she worked, among other jobs, as an investigative journalist on British documentaries and later got closer to the world of cinema. She worked on major productions like ‘Archenemy’ and ‘Blindfire’.

The news of Hutchins’ death brought forth many reactions, including from popular actor Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock.

Hutchins’ death recalled the death of Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, who had died aged 28. He had lost his life in a similar episode on the set of the film ‘The Crow’ in 1993.

In a post on Twitter, Brandon Lee’s family came out against Hutchins’ death and sent their condolences to her relatives whilst wishing a speedy recovery to film director Joel Souza, who also sustained injuries and is receiving treatment.


Police in the US state said the firearm used by Baldwin was discharged during the shooting of ‘Rust’, a Western set in the 19th century Hutchins, who was director of photography, was taken to hospital and died soon after.  The Police are investigating the accident and have not so far pressed any charges against Baldwin.