WATCH: Soldiers use their heads to break bricks and bend metal bars during exhibition in North Korea

The State station in North Korea has broadcast footage showing several soldiers giving an unusual exhibition of skill and ability by using their hands to break a number of items.

This show was put on during an exhibition in Pyongyang in front of several leaders including Kim Jong-un, to mark the 77th anniversary of the party running this State.

Soldiers taking part in this exercise are seen with pieces of concrete on their stomachs, and the concrete is then smashed with a mallet. Others lie on the ground on a bed of broken glass, and other soldiers tear part iron chains with which they are tied up.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is seen in the footage watching this exhibition of martial arts. He was one of the first to clap at the end of the exercise. The exhibition of self-defence, as the army called it, was held in the past week, with Kim Jong-Un himself reportedly stating weapons development in his country is necessary to fight the United States and his neighbouring country South Korea.

Needless to say, it is not advisable to try out these exercises at home.