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WATCH: States that it would be a grave error if EU re-opens negotiations with UK

Asked by TVAM to comment on yesterday’s events in the British Parliament, Professor Roderick Pace, an academic specialising in European studies, declared that the result had been expected, although perhaps not to such a degree, as the numbers were far higher than forecast.

Professor Pace said he had been surprised at the result of the vote. Professor Pace added that all this resulted from the common interest between three entities who joined up to vote against Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan.

Professor Pace said he would exercise caution in giving an interpretation after yesterday’s vote, adding that he wished the UK would remain part of the EU but at the same time admired the country’s efforts and positions. He further stated that the EU will have to leave the UK alone to sort out its issues.

Professor Pace also declared that the EU has done its work, whilst the member states are supporting the EU line. He believes it would be a grave error if the EU were to re-open negotiations with the UK, as it would be sending a signal that everything is negotiable and other EU governments will appear to be worthless. For this reason Professor Pace believes a principle should be adhered to.