WATCH: Stop for three minutes and feel proud to be Maltese – the beauty of the Maltese islands in one video

The Maltese islands when seen on a map appear to be a forgotten rock in the middle of the Mediterranean.  You would never imagine that they are heaven on earth. Despite their small size, as soon as you set foot on them you will realise that these islands embrace an amazing history and are characterised by landscapes which are beautiful to behold.

Not everyone thinks so. As the Maltese saying goes ‘mitt bniedem, mitt fehma‘ (100 people, 100 opinions).  Despite this, the Maltese and Gozitan people are known for their hearts of gold which have always been one of our characteristics. A people who are gifted with incredible talents and abilities.

Over the last few days during the concert, ‘Għajta Waħda’ a short video was transmitted which was truly heartwarming.  Valletta can be seen lit up in the dead of night set against the crystal clear sea which surrounds this jewel of an archipelago, a scene which gives you goosebumps.

Whenever the Maltese people have found themselves in difficulty they have always been able to overcome it and survive. In such extraordinary moments, the Maltese and Gozitans have always pulled the same rope. Right now, it is no different. If we continue to work. together, we will overcome this challenge as well.