Watch: Strike a balance between landowners and those who love the countryside

At this time of the year, the scorching sun starts to abate and the weather becomes cooler. For many of us a trip to the countryside way from the frantic daily routine while enjoying Maltese and Gozitan landscape.

And, sometimes, you literally come to the end of the road and find a sign which disallows you entry into a particular area, which can create be very frustrating for people who love to frequent such places.

Ingram Bondin, President of the Ramblers Association, said it is not the first time that members of the association could not access parts of the countryside on their walks.

The president of the association added that this hobby could be enjoyed by striking a balance with the right of landowners to enjoy their properties.

Ingram Bondin drew attention to the fact that Malta’s landscape, at the end of the day, was part of our heritage and should be allowed to be enjoyed by the public, without interference.

He suggested to follow on the footsteps of Scotland, or Nordic countries. Here’s how:

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