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WATCH: Student develops notarial system based on artificial intelligence

The notarial acts of Notary Paolo Bonello, who lived in the 15th Century, served as a starting point for a system based on artificial intelligence, called NotaryPedia.

A Masters degree student in artificial intelligence, Charlene Ellul, developed an internet platform which creates links between the details she found in manuscripts going back to the medieval period.

“We collected names of interesting persons, places, subjects and dates and demonstrated the relations between them so that individuals may explore the content of a manuscript. This way we offer a form of another digitization of manuscripts and assists notaries and history researchers in their research”.

Charlene Ellul said that the project will assist research at the notarial archives in Valletta, during which researchers and history scholars may contribute in this platform which emanated from Wikipedia. This will also strengthen the conservation of documents in archives.

“It is more easy for someone to search with the subject that refers the person to the manuscript he has to consult without the need of touching the manuscript itself”.

The NotaryPedia project, which is expected to be launched in the coming weeks, will spread its services. Ms Ellul stated that the aim is that the documents, handwritten with old languages including a mix of medieval Latin and Italian, will be translated through technology.

The project won an award for innovation given by the European Union Notarial Council presidency.

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