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WATCH: Successful test flight for world’s largest airliner

The Boeing Company has carried out its first test flight with the world’s largest aircraft, the 777X.

This is an attempt by the company to rebuild its reputation in the wake of the 737 Max aircraft, which has ended up unable to fly following two fatal accidents which claimed the lives of 346 persons.

The four-hour test flight was carried out in Seattle. However, a number of other tests have to be performed on the same aircraft before it enters into service next year with Emirates.

The aircraft, which is nearly 80 metres in length, had to become operational this year but was unable to do so because of technical difficulties. The company described the aircraft as a bigger and more efficient version of the 777 mini-jumbo, adding that it uses the biggest engines in the world.

Boeing said it had already sold 309 aircraft of this type, at 442 million dollars each. The aircraft can carry over 420 passengers.