Watch: Superstar Tajiri in Maltese Professional wrestling show

Many classify it as a sport. Others believe that it is only a form of entertainment. Whatever the case, Professional Wrestling has remained popular. A Maltese wrestling club puts on it’s annual show at the end of this week with local and foreign pro-wrestlers.

God knows how many people will be glued to their television screen watching the Professional wrestling show and wondering the same thing – is this sport or drama? Maltese Pro Wrestling coach, Wayne Pace says that the apt term is entertainment through sport. It has entertaining elements, but the participants are athletes who train like any other athlete, who are conscious about what they eat for training purposes and who follow an intensive training program.

The club Pro Wrestling Malta was established five years ago and puts on a show three times a year. Even during the news conference, which was launched this year, the drama was undiminished.

Wayne Pace, like any other Professional wrestler has a stage name – Gianni Valletta. He says that interest in pro wrestling has never waned. “It generates interest from all kinds of people because it has elements of everything. It has entertainment, drama, the athlete element, the moves and larger than life characters , which people can relate to.”

In a hall packed with people in a Tarxien theatre at the end of this week the annual show Green Mist will be put up with main protagonist Japanese pro wrestler Yoshihiro Tajiri. Despite being a combination of leisure and sports, there is still fierce competition between these pro wrestlers who will try to be at the top of their game.

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