Watch: Survey shows that 41% of Maltese are concerned that Malta is overpopulated

Despite their small size, the Maltese islands attracted a number of rulers during the centuries. Among others, their central geographic position was an important factor.

During ‘TVAM’, sociologist Dr Maria Brown stated that the Maltese island are still popular, especially due to the climate, job opportunities, the good economic situation and the fact that Malta is a European Union member state which in itself facilitates mobility.

During the same programme, Dr Vincent Marmara, a University lecturer, spoke about a recent survey he made and asked what are the most issues that worry the Maltese. Among others, the survey showed that 41% of Maltese are concerned about the fact that Malta is overpopulated.

Dr Marmara added that in a period of 10 years – between 2008 to 2018 – Malta’s population increased by some 82,000 people. His study indicates that in 2008 there were some 16,000 foreigners which increased to around 83,000 within 10 years.

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