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WATCH: Tenth anniversary of Gemma Portelli’s death

Ten years ago Malta mourned the death of actress Gemma Portelli.

Born in Valletta on 30 September 1932, Gemma had passed away at the age 0f 75.

Gemma had started her career in broadcasting at a young age. In 1957 she had joined the Radio Musketeers.

A short time later she set up her own theatrical company, Blue Birds, and started producing children’s programmes.

Gemma’s name will forever be synonymous with Bahar Wiehed, a drama which most Maltese still recall. She had interpreted the part of Ġoma, a colourful and contrasting character – outspoken, Ġoma had been a good woman with a sharp, wagging tongue.

Other works produced by Gemma include ’Ta’ Ħorrox Borrox and Fuq Tlieta Toqgħod il-Borma.

In 2000 Gemma had been awarded the Republic Medal.

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