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Watch the first scene from the robot which touched down on Mars

A new robot has touched down on the planet Mars, after the US space agency NASA successfully landed the robot named Perseverance.

A NASA spokesman said the robot had managed to touch down without incurring any damage and will start carrying out its functions. There was euphoria among the team responsible for the project after the robot landed.

Scientists are now on tenterhooks to start receiving the first photographs of this expedition.  The ones published so far are those of the robot landing on Mars, taken from footage of cameras attached to it.

The robot, a six-wheeled space vehicle called a rover, will be left on the planet for the next two years, to investigate whether any evidence exists of life on this planet in the past.

Scientists believe there had been a huge lake on this planet billions of years ago. And since they believe there had been water, the scientists think there could also have been some form of life.

Watch the landing procedure of the robot on Mars in the video: