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WATCH: The moment when terrified children escaped from school bus in Italy

What could have been a terrible massacre in Milan when a driver set fire to a school bus full of children was avoided thanks to a little boy who escaped from his ties and used his friend’s mobile to call for help.

The driver, a man from Senegal, allegedly said his three children had died at sea,  and that he wanted to kill the students on board the bus in retaliation for the policy of the Italian Government, which wants to allow more immigrants to die at sea.

Mobile footage was taken by the children as they were fleeing the bus, which by that time had been blocked off by police cars. The Police started smashing the bus windows for the children to get out. However, the driver continued trying to drive and managed to push the Police car and drive a bit further with the children who were still on board, but they also managed to get off the bus and run off at the first opportunity.

A 12-year-old student described how the driver tied them up and took their mobiles, and then they saw him pouring the fuel inside the bus. The boy said that he managed to untie himself and phone for help from one of the mobiles which had fallen from the driver’s pocket. This was confirmed by the police who said that they went to stop the bus after they received a phone call from one of the parents of the children on board, who told them what was happening.

Another student on board the bus and who was interviewed by the Italian media described how the driver told them that he would burn them in retaliation for the children being drowned in the Mediterranean.

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