WATCH: The school in Malta which is producing sport stars

Shaun Dimech is 19 years old and is one of Malta’s most promising athletes. He studies at the National Sport School in Pembroke and at young age has already made a name with the Maltese national team, and is also an important player for Valletta FC.

Dimech told TVM that although he finished his studies four years ago, the National Sport School has given him the formation he needed, both where academics are concerned as well as from the physical aspect, in order to reach the level required.

“I believe that if I had gone to another school I would not have succeeded as I did. The school helped me a lot, not only academically but especially from the sporting aspect; it helped me to mature when I’m on the football pitch, coaches were provided for us as well as professional teachers, while the training is always very good.”

Francesca Clark is currently attending this school and told us how the curriculum is divided, and how it gives her a chance to practice her favourite sport, Badminton. She is currently Malta’s badminton champion.

“If exams are coming I can drop a session and do it another time and study instead. In reality I am not losing anything because I am still doing something related to school. Last week we had the National Championships and I won the women’s singles, the women’s doubles and the mixed. This would not have been possible without the professional help I receive from here.”

The head of school Robert Magro explained that the school ensures that the students are learning a mixture of academics and sport.  It aims to produce the best athletes so that our country can do better in sport.

“We want to help Malta reach the best levels in sport. In fact, next year the school will be ten years old and we have begun feeling its effects and reaping the rewards. Students study academic subjects like at any other school, namely Maths, Maltese, English but apart from that we focus on sports as well. In fact, we offer 19 different sporting disciplines.”

The National Sport School has been located in Pembroke for slightly more than 6 years, and is attended by 250 students whose ages range between 11 – 16. To date, four groups have already finished their studies, with some of them continuing with their sporting career on a professional basis in Malta, UK, Italy and even Australia.

The applications for prospective students will start being received from today 1 March until 26 March and can be downloaded from