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Watch: “They refused to employ me because of a dark patch on my face’

Glenn Buhagiar was born with a dark patch on his face. During birth, the umbilical cord surrounded his neck.

35-year old Glenn spoke about people’s judgement because of his look during an interview on ‘Kuxjenza’ programme. He recounted that he had to strive on in life to show that he is capable as other persons. On occasions, he was denied of a job even after this was promised to him on telephone.

Glenn says that although no one wanted to employ him at a bar, he is convinced that he is capable of doing the needed work because he is customer friendly. He added that if people pay less attention to other persons’ looks, no one feels deprived from society.

Together with his mother’s encouragement, Glenn says that the dark patch is part of him and sometimes he forgets about it. Despite his look, in 2018 Glenn participated with great enthusiasm in the first edition of X Factor Malta.

Meanwhile, another guest, Geraldine Ellul Magri spoke of this subject during ‘Kuxjenza’. Ms Ellul Magri, winner of Mrs Malta 2020, stated that like Glenn she found it difficult to be accepted.

‘Kuxjenza’ is transmitted every Friday at 7pm on TVMNEWS+.

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