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WATCH: They woke up scared when their home’s ceiling collapsed in Senglea

The Abela couple recounted with TVM how last night they woke up scared when a part of their home’s ceiling collapsed in Senglea, with their bedroom covered with rubble.

The ceiling of the residence, which is leased by the Housing Authority, collapsed at around 10.00pm when Martin Abela and his wife went to sleep.

Carmel Abela said she ended up with some 20 stitches in her head and suffering from great pain, while Martin also has stitches in his arm and an injury near his ear.

The Abela couple recalled that water had leaked in the room some time age and damaged their furniture. After lodging a report, an architect had visited the residence however they say that they heard nothing following the inspection.

Stephen Bonello, Carmen’s cousin who lives in the upper floor, said that at that moment he was in the veranda and heard a big noise. He also has a problem in his bathroom which is at the back of the building.

Meanwhile, Bonello praised the timely intervention of a Mater Dei medical team and the Police who arrived immediately on site and worked tirelessly.

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