WATCH: Thieves open a woman’s bag and steal her mobile in Sliema shop

A woman has appealed for help from the public to identify two women who on Wednesday morning stole her mobile while she was shopping in Sliema.

serqa 1The theft took place at around 10am when a women entered a make-up shop with her child in a push chair. In comments she gave to she said that while she was looking at some products, one of the women stole her mobile from her handbag even though it was closed, while the other woman stood in front of her to hide her from view. Footage from CCTV cameras which the woman obtained from the shop, shows that one of the woman took the mobile from the handbag, placed it in her own bag and the two of then left the shop very quickly.

serqa 2Apart from filing a police report, the victim of the theft has appealed to members of the public to help identify the two women. She said she does not believe that her mobile will be returned to her, however she hopes that the two women will be caught as quickly as possible so that they will not be able to carry out similar thefts. Whoever has any information about these women is asked to pass it on to the Police.