Watch: “This nomination demonstrates the Pope’s awareness and knowledge that the Maltese church is a living church”

Tonight Monsignor Mario Grech gave TVM his initial reaction after this morning’s announcement by Pope Francis that he had been chosen among 13 cardinals; something he claims he wasn’t aware of beforehand.

Mons. Grech described how he was walking at Campo dei Fiori in Rome this morning, after meeting a priest friend of his. He explained that a couple from Malta called him informing him that Pope Francis had just nominated him as Cardinal. He said that he could hardly believe it, but when he hung up he started receiving messages of congratulations from other people.

Speaking to TVM this evening, Mons. Grech talked about his responsibilities in Rome and what this appointment means to him and to the Maltese people. He emphasized that this is not just a personal achievement for him, but it is about the Pope’s awareness of the living Church here in Malta.

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