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Watch this lively horse’s behavior towards a newborn baby

Socks is a lively horse being bred by the RMJ Horse Rescue organisation in Siġġiewi. This organisation takes care of badly treated horses or those which cannot be cared for any longer by their owners, and finds them another home.

A video uploaded by the organisation on the social media has touched many hearts as it shows Socks being of a calm disposition compared to its usual lively behavior.

When meeting Mila, a new born baby, Socks appears approaching the pram with the gentlest of manners, as if it wants to caress the baby.

“Those that know Socks know he can be a lively and cheeky boy,” the organisation remarked. “Look at him with Mila and try tell us he doesn’t know just how careful he has to be around her.”

RMJ Horse Rescue stated that horses can sense much more than we give them credit for. Anyone who is interested in the organisation’s work may visit its Facebook  page.