WATCH: “Those who think they will enjoy impunity are mistaken” – PM

PM Robert Abela has said that the latest developments in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia have shown that the rule of law reigns in our country and anyone who thinks they can enjoy impunity is mistaken.

Speaking during a press conference this morning from Castille, the PM said that the fact that the Police have continued to arraign more people in Court, confirms that the institutions have not rested in their search for truth and justice.

He said that there is always the presumption of innocence and the proceedings need to take their course, however he pointed out that today those facing charges include the alleged mastermind, two men who allegedly executed the murder and two other people who are alleged accomplices.

He said that another person has already been sentenced after pleading guilty, and he is now obliged to testify in this case.

He added that as a PM he will see that justice does not depend on who the person is, and that it will be carried out without fear or favour. He added that the institutions will find the Government backing them, and has committed more resources and tools so that they can work without political interference.