WATCH: Three more flyovers in the Marsa Junction project to open next month

Infrastructure Malta is busily working so that by next month three other flyovers will open out of the seven which are being build as part of the Marsa Junction Project.

In a statement, it said that the contractors commissioned by the agency have completed more than 70% of this €70 million project financed by the EU. Despite the difficulties which arose because of the measures taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Infrastructure Malta is working hard to keep to its original targets to complete the project by December 2020.

It said that after the first three flyovers were opened in the last quarter of 2019, over the last six months workers have finished the structures for the four flyovers. They are ready to be asphalted and for the final installations to be put into place.

The contractors are currently focussing on the four ramps which are still needed to join the flyovers with the roads which meet at this junction, which include Triq Aldo Moro, Vjal Santa Luċija and Triq Giuseppe Garibaldi. The five other ramps are already ready.

Infrastructure Malta is also building other new roads under the flyovers to create three direct connections for quick and safe travel to and from Vjal Sir Paul Boffa (Paola), two new park and ride facilities which form part of the same project, the Addolorata Cemetery and other areas nearby.

Over the next few weeks and months, workers will be placing 17,000 tonnes of asphalt to cover the surface of more than 13 kms of new lanes which will be added to this crucial link of the Maltese road network by means of this project.

For the final works to be completed between now and October, the agency will introduce various diversions, as workers will be moving the position of the existing lanes in order to carry out the works which are still required in different parts of this project.

The first among these temporary changes will come into effect at the end of this week. These include the opening of a new connection to the north from Vjal Sir Paul Boffa to Triq Aldo Moro and the temporary closure of the route of part of the northbound lane at Triq Giuseppe Garibaldi (from Luqa to Marsa) which will instead pass through the Marsa industrial estate.

The work on the building of new pavements and pedestrian bridges, lanes and bus stops, the park and ride facilities and cycle lanes which will be separate from the road, which are all a part of this project,  is also moving along at a good pace. Recently, the agency changed the blueprints of the project to include an underpass which will be ten metres long for those who travel on foot or by bicycle, to continue to improve the safety for those who use alternative means of transport between Paola and Marsa.

Infrastructure Malta is also creating various green zones around this area, with many new trees and four large artistic works. Over these last few months, two underground reservoirs, which can contain 1.5 million litres of rainwater for irrigation of the green spaces have been built.

The Marsa Junction Project also includes the laying of 13 kms of underground services, including pipes for water distribution and sewage drains, walk through culverts from which electric cables, Internet cables and other telecommunication cables and drains for rainwater to pass through, will be installed.  This improvement will ensure better quality and a guarantee of the provision of supply of these services to various areas in this region while providing an increased capacity for future needs.