Watch: “Three others had showered before Ramiro… don’t judge the parents”

For Marilys Mallia, the loss of her son Ramiro is a wound that will never heal. Six and a half months after the death of her 16-year-old son, Marilys expressed her regret that there are some who accuse her and her husband of responsibility for Ramiro’s death through carelessness.

Ramiro’s mother opened up about her son’s loss in an interview on the TV programme ‘Kuxjenza”. She stated that contrary to what others were implying, the bathroom geyser which took Ramiro’s life was not an old model. She added that it had only been installed a week earlier, and on the day Ramiro lost his life, three others had showered before him.

Marilys further stated that the window and door in the bathroom had been wide open. On the day he died, the mother recounted, Ramiro had been alone in the house. The youth had gone home after finishing work and was preparing to go and meet his girlfriend. Marilys said she last spoke to Ramiro on the doorstep of their home.

Ramiro’s mother described her son as a very cheerful youth, who was at his best when helping others.

Ramiro lost his life on 23 March after inhaling a substantial amount of toxic gas from the geyser. in the bathroom at Triq Santa Katerina in Ħal Qormi, where he used to live.

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