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WATCH: Man grievously injured in Luqa building fire

A man suffered grievous injuries in the Luqa building fire on Saturday evening.

Just before 5.30pm a fire-fighting operation began in a garage in Luqa that was engulfed in flames. There was also been a series of ongoing explosions.

Two elderly persons, aged 71 and 90, have been hospitalised and a short while ago a 71-year-old woman and a dog that were trapped inside were evacuated. Until she was evacuated from the building, the woman was in contact with a mobile with her son, who encouraged her to move on the back side of her yard so that members of the Civil Protection entered the building from an adjacent residence and evacuate her.

In the surrounding streets there is commotion as people gathered to watch, with the Police Commissioner also present.

It appears there are no other persons in danger with people from nearby homes evacuated from their residences. It seems that from the area where explosions were heard amidst the flames it appears the danger is increasing.





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